The Windsor Hotel

The independently owned Windsor Hotel and Self Catering Apartments offers affordable accommodation in a prime whale-watching location near the vibrant Old Harbour of Hermanus.

The 120-year-old hotel remains a family-hotel charm – and is a short walk from top restaurants, galleries and shops.

Hermanus is revered for its “champagne air” and unequalled whale-watching (July – November) best viewed from the Windsor with its sweeping views of Walker Bay.

Just 120km from Cape Town, Hermanus has grown from a small fishing village to become a popular holiday resort, bursting with cultural and adventure activities.

Enjoy our Blue Flag beaches and explore wine estates, the fynbos finery of the Overberg and, further afield, the southernmost point of all Africa, L’Agulhas.

We look forward to helping you create a memorable holiday.


  • The Windsor Hotel
  • 49 Marine Drive
  • Hermanus, 7200
  • South Africa
  • Phone: 028 312 3727

Whale Fact 1

The scientific name for the southern right whale is, “Eubalaena australis”.

Whale Fact 2

Because the southern right whale is a marine mammal it produces milk, gives birth, is warm-blooded and breathes air.

Whale Fact 3

Despite their large size these marine mammals are sometimes attacked by killer whales and large sharks.

Whale Fact 4

A fully grow southern right whale can weigh as much as 8 adult African elephants.

Whale Fact 5

At over 1,000 lbs. per testicle the right whale is believed to have the largest testicles of any known animal.

Whale Fact 6

With a lifespan of up to 100 years the southern right whale is one of the longest living species of cetacea.

Whale Fact 7

Due to their thick layer of blubber the southern right whale never crosses over the equator and into the northern hemisphere because their body is unable to handle the extreme heat.

Whale Fact 8

With a head measuring up to 1/3 the length of its entire body the southern right whale has one of the largest heads of all the whale species.

Whale Fact 9

Despite being massive marine animals the primary diet of the southern right whale consists of prey that measures less than 1 inch long; however there are a few species of krill that can grow to lengths of up to six inches.



These rooms offer breathtaking views of the ocean and of The Windsor Bay. Enjoy the fresh sea air and views of whales and dolphins playing in the sea right in front of the hotel. Ground floor sea-facing rooms offer a small patio where the first and second floor offer the best views. Single & Double rooms available

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